Since 1979 this Guelph Ontario Company has developed to provide services to the Automotive and Commercial Industries internationally. All of our four Canadian plants and our operation in the United States provide a unique opportunity to potential customers because we can accommodate low, medium and high volume precision metal parts. This alone sets us above the rest.

We develop, manufacture, fabricate and assemble parts for the Automotive and Commercial Industries. Although the majority of our customer base is in the metal industries, we also handle other media. In addition to this, our tool room designs and creates tooling/fixturing for our customer needs.

Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with our clients by gaining your implicit confidence. The confidence comes from knowing that, whether you need 50 parts or 50,000 parts in a hurry, you can rely on our ability to meet your needs with quality results.

We want to serve you for all your machining, press and fabrication and assembly solutions and grow and prosper with you. We view ourselves as building partnerships with our clients bringing value to your business.

The close physical proximity of our 4 Canadian plants provide a unique benefit to customers eliminating loss of production time due to unnecessary transportation for various production operations. A one stop shop!

Our Fabrication/Press Division is capable of taking raw materials to finished product.

We have fabrication processes for shearing, stamping, laser cutting, forming, welding, painting, and assembly. These processes are available for all products, from small to large.

We have the internal resources to develop and produce a variety of engine, transmission, and steering components for the automotive industry, as well as precision machining for the commercial industry.

Combine these with our expertise with "powdered metal" and other base media, we have a varied number of services to offer.

Customer satisfaction is proven through our excellent PPM;s and on time deliveries, resulting in long term partnerships with our customers.

Please contact any of our divisions for more specific information about how we can help you meet your needs.


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